Senegal’s Elections: 2012 – February 24

Senegal’s Elections: 2012 – February 24

Posted On: February 24, 2012
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I woke up and headed to Africulturban to meet with Dia to transfer the footage of the protest from the day before. His work is looking great and he’s doing a kick ass job capturing some incredible moments in the street.

After wrapping up there, I headed to Keyti’s to visit one the parks in Liberté 6 that he used to hang out in as a kid. Baxau from the group Da Brains accompanied us to the park, which was now a sandy lot filled with kids playing soccer. Keyti and Baxau explained that the park used to be well-maintained, filled with grass and was a family spot. Over the years with a declining economy, the park has become more dangerous at night with young people with no jobs or hope smoking weed and drinking tea into the late hours.

Keyti and Baxau kicked a freestyle and we returned to Keyti’s house. On the way there, another caravan of Wade supporters lined the streets. Most of these ‘supporters,’ however, are paid and are often actually voting for other candidates. A friend recently asked one of these supporters why they supported Wade. The person answered by saying: “I’m not supporting Wade, I’m voting for Idy! (Idrissa Seck).”

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